Our Service

Environmental Analysis, Monitoring, Treatment & Laboratory Studies

We have a well-equipped laboratory with sophisticated instruments for carrying out analysis of parameters covering all fields of environment i.e. Air analysis, water and waste water analysis, soil analysis, biological studies at various stages of existing effluent, water treatment (including reverse osmosis) plants.

It has well qualified and experienced personnel. It has also separate R & D section to absorb new techniques and development in the environment field.

Our capabilities and expertise can be judged from the following list of instruments and number of tests carried out at our laboratory.

The services provided are:

Envi Cure is equipped to carry out analysis of waste water/air/ solid wastes by up-to-date equipment and qualified and experienced scientists in the field of Environmental Sciences.

Analysis of Industrial Bulk Chemicals-Organic/Inorganic.

Pilot studies/ Bio assay / Laboratory scale treatability studies are our specialties.

The analysis and treatability studies to design the Effluent Treatments Plants scientifically.